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About our company

Gino Ciers - Balloonist Belgium

Luchtballonvaarten Flybird

Distri Europe Ballooning was founded by Gino Ciers in 1991.

In that year, Gino had already a license to fly with aircrafts.

We started up the company to make the romance (yes, we do 'marriage proposal flights' or flights for Valentine) and adventure of hot air balloon rides more accessible to the people in Belgium (in the start-up years, hot air ballooning was something that was not commercial).
We are convinced that a hot air balloon flight is the perfect way to learn to know the beauty of Belgium.

Since then we made already thousands of flights. The most of them were in Belgium, but we have experience all over the world.

Gino Ciers Balloon rides belgium

We offer for tourists and for Belgian residents hot air balloon rides above the enchanting Belgian landscape. Discover the beautiful Bruges, Ypres or Ghent, seen from a hot air balloon!

Why fly with us?

Balloon rides company belgium

  • We have one of the largest fleet of balloons of any balloon rides company in Belgium.
  • We have several launch sites, across the western part of Belgium (most popular are Bruges and Ypres).
  • We are member of the Belgian ballooning federation.
  • All our pilots have full Hot Air Balloon Pilot's Licences and many years of experience.
  • We only fly in good weather conditions. We don't take any risk.
  • Every passenger is insured.
  • You choose on which date you want to fly with us. Because we are a bigger company, we have flights almost every day, in different regions in Belgium.
  • Our pilots speak English, French and Dutch.
  • You can always reach us: 7/7, only not when we are making a hot air balloon flight.
  • We have more than 25 years of experience.
  • Before take-off we perform all necessary checks.
  • We fly in a known region.
  • Our material is maintained by the EASA-rules.


Make a flight with one of our hot-air balloons and enjoy the indescribable restfulness and the breathtaking view.  We don’t fly with coach-balloons for 15 or more passengers, but with several smaller cozy balloons.  With our different balloons, we can always provide you with a quick and correct service. 

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