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Information of our hot air balloon flights in Belgium

Information balloon flight Belgium

Information of the hot air balloon flight

This is the way we normally arrange a hot air balloon ride:

When we have arranged a day, when you will be our guest during the flight, you call us on the agreed date around 1 o'clock PM (for evening flights) for all practical arrangements, and to check if the weather is favorable to make a safe hot air balloon flight. For morning flights, we contact each other the evening before.

When w...

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Gino Ciers - Balloonist Belgium

About Distri Europe Hot Air Balloon Rides

Distri Europe Ballooning was founded by Gino Ciers in 1991.

In that year, Gino had already a license to fly with aircrafts.

We started up the company to make the romance (yes, we do 'marriage proposal flights' or flights for Valentine) and adventure of hot air balloon rides more accessible to the people in Belgium (in the start-up years, hot air ballooning was something that was not com...

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Links hot air balloon Belgium

  • We are member of the Belgian Balloon Federation: ballooning.nu
  • Website of the tourism in Ypres, one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, and where we also make balloon rides: tourism Ypres
  • The website of Bruges, world heritage city. We often fly above Bruges in our hot air balloon: Bruges
  • The best chocolate of the world, made in Belgium: Sweertvaegher chocolates
  • We organise every year...

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Our hot air balloons

This is already the 4th hot air balloon of  our sponsor Gaverzicht. It is a fully equipped Schroeder of 4500m³, for 6-7 passengers + pilot. We are proud of it!

Callsign: OO-BBX
Type: 45/24 - 4500 m³ 
Nr of passengers: 6/7 + pilot

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Theory of hot air ballooning


Hot air balloons work on the very simple principle that hot air rises, because it is less dense ('lighter') than the normal cold air. A balloon has a set of burners to heat the air, which fills the fabric of the envelope and causes 'lift'. As the air is heated, the lifting force overcomes the force of gravity and causes the balloon to fly.
The balloon will not rise forever though sin...

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